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Recipe for Success

The Challenge

To promote their new show 60 Days In, A&E tasked DX with creating an engaging social campaign that would not only drive awareness and tune-in, but give viewers a taste of what it would be like to be behind bars.

The Solution

Using a creative spin on the popular TASTY video series, DX did just that by visualizing real prison recipes as reported by ex-cons. One appetite-ruining video-shoot later, CHOW was born. DX created 6 prison recipe videos for use across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

DX Services

  • Creative Strategy
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Production

We’re all about analytics. Let’s check out how we did:

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Before pitching the campaign, DX analyzed consumer sentiment surrounding new reality shows. One common theme across social chatter was that people routinely found “reality” shows to be anything but real. They felt they were staged by producers and even sometimes scripted. To differentiate, DX created a campaign that focused on the truth and authenticity of 60 Days In. Real people. Real prison time. Real prison recipes.