Fairy Tales Hair Care

A brand story with a happy ending.

The Challenge

DX was tasked with making the Fairy Tales Hair Care brand stand out in a sea of children’s hair care products and differentiate itself in the eyes of the most attentive and picky consumers—parents.

The Solution

DX helped Fairy Tales get real about kids’ hair care problems, including tangles, curls, chlorine exposure, and the super-common one that no one wants to talk about—lice. Relatable marketing helped set Fairy Tales’ solution-specific hair care line apart from its competitors.

DX Services

  • Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Design & Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Social Community Management
  • Video Production

We’re all about analytics. Let’s check out how we did:


Conditioner on amazon


increase in Instagram followers

Social Content Success

Fairy Tales was looking to form a deeper connection with moms on social media. Because this consumer segment is already bombarded with messaging on Facebook and Instagram, DX needed to find a way for Fairy Tales’ content to stand out. Through research, testing, and analysis, DX arrived at a messaging strategy focused on problems and solutions. Fast-forward three years and Fairy Tales has built up a strong following on Facebook and Instagram, achieved national distribution in Target stores, and become the #1 conditioner sold on Amazon.