Reelz B2B Marketing Program

The Challenge

REELZ is an independent television network whose programming revolves around the real lives of celebrities. For the 2018/19 upfront season, DX was tasked with the conception and development of an interactive presentation that sales executives could bring to media agencies around the US.

The Solution

DX designed and developed a Family Feud-style video game called REELZ Media Feud that could be presented to media agencies both large and small. The game was developed with 3D graphics using the Unity game engine to create a spectacular audio-visual experience that can be controlled in real time by a game administrator. The game included a fully customizable game board, a back-end content management system, commercial break capabilities, and sound effects that mimic the original game show.

DX Services

  • B2B Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Concepting
  • Game Development
  • Video Treatment


REELZ Media Feud

The live game board displays answers and points as teams attempt to guess the correct answers. Five normal rounds plus two lightning rounds were built in to enable REELZ sales executives to host the game in the same way it’s played on TV.


Custom Admin Panel

A backend dashboard allowed REELZ sales executives to control the live game board from a separate device in real time.


Video Storytelling

DX was also tasked with creative concepting and scripting for faux commercial breaks that would be shown in between each round. The videos helped further drive home the benefits of choosing REELZ in your media buy.