Viacom and Altice Partnership

Black Girls Rock!

The Challenge

Viacom and Altice wanted to associate their names with stories of good while expanding its Altice Connects pro-social initiatives. Viacom and Altice aimed to connect with local communities in the Altice footprint by recognizing stories of strong, black women and the organizations they have created to empower their communities. Enter DX.

The Solution

With DX’s help, Viacom, Altice, and “Black Girls Rock!” came together to promote the stories of four women across America who have founded organizations committed to community building, education, and enrichment. DX produced, shot, and edited four video interviews with non-profit founders across the Altice footprint. These videos were aired on Viacom’s BET Network, promoting the Black Girls Rock! Awards and, as well as across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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We’re all about analytics. Let’s check out how we did:

Nearly 1MM

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Video Story Telling

Erica Ford

Erica Ford is the founder of LIFE Camp, an organization that is saving lives in Brooklyn and all over New York City by helping youth navigate away from the path of violence, and providing support for victims and families affected by gun violence. Erica’s motto is “peace is a lifestyle” and her programs are making strides in stopping violence and helping the most underserved youth in New York City.

Instagram Stories

DX chose to utilize Instagram Stories to get the Black Girls Rock message out as Stories allow narrative-driven, easy-to-digest messages to be shown dynamically, to the largest engaged audience possible. Stories gave us the necessary room to get to the heart of the “Black Girls Rock” messaging by finding an audience in a format that allowed for the consumption of even more videos and images.

Carolyn Wallace

Carolyn Wallace is the co-founder of the International Youth Organization, which helps at-risk youth in New Jersey. She has dedicated over 40 years of her life running the organization and serving youth in the Newark and Essex County areas.

Janee’ Tisby

Janee’ Tisby is the Executive Director of Together for Hope Arkansas, an organization that has a mission to create opportunities for young people to grow and succeed through leadership development, service, education and enrichment.

Shanell Knight

Shanell Knight is the founder of Michael’s Angels Girls Club, an organization that provides a safe space for young women to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Shanell’s mission is to “Convert Idleness to Action” through community service, education, and personal growth.