Understand Your Multicultural Consumer

Dxagency’s research team has decades of experience researching multicultural segments providing you with a unique perspective into the cultural cues of your target audiences.


Get direct access to the voice and behaviors of your customers

Discover consumer motivations and pain points through in-depth interviews, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, ethnographies and more.

quantitative research

Statistically Speaking, You’ll Know Your Audience

Test and validate your theories statistically and draw concise conclusions about your audiences at scale.

Data Visualization

Insights anyone can interpret

When you partner with DXagency’s research team, you’ll also get access to our full suite of creative professionals, who work closely with DX research analysts to communicate your data clearly, efficiently and beautifully.

Taking research to the next level through machine learning

DX takes its research capabilities to the next level through machine learning with our AI-powered knowledge platform. MAX aggregates all your first-party data and overlays it with insights from third-party data sources—all in the time it takes you to perform a Google search. The difference between the two: MAX is an answer engine, not a search engine.

30+ years of combined research experience working with Fortune 500 Companies

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