Global Citizen Live


Global Citizen Live is a 24-hour live event aimed at defending and uniting the planet to defeat global poverty. Musical artists and celebrities from around the world united to perform across eight cities in an effort to create change and make a lasting impact. To help Global Citizen achieve its goals, it was critical that we drive awareness, ticketing, video streams and Global Citizen Registrations/Rewards sign-ups.


DX created a cross-platform media strategy executed both globally as well as in strategic individual domestic and international markets, that would make a lasting impact. A phased media rollout focused tactics to deliver unique KPIs during key windows ultimately leading up to event day and post-show performance viewing occasions.

Paid Social media was the primary channel used as Global Citizen’s key audiences are both highly socially engaged and in constant contact with their communities. Creative executions were tailored specifically for individual placements in the Newsfeed, Video feed or Stories and optimized in flight. Facebook & Instagram were used to drive actions, Twitter engaged people who were part of the real-time conversation while LinkedIn was testing resonance with professional and corporate audiences. Finally, YouTube was utilized to best drive awareness for Global Citizen Live while driving up day of/post day video views.


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The campaign drive incredibly high registrations and video views exceeding the clients’ expectations.