Oticon, a leading manufacturer of high-end hearing aids, tasked DX with increasing risk-free trials and sales. Consumers are often frustrated by the high out-of-pocket investment, which is often not covered by insurance, and requires a prescription through an audiologist.  This causes the consumer purchase journey to be drawn out with high drop-off rates pre-conversion.


DX conduct a competitive analysis to understand how Oticon’s digital activities compared to other high-end hearing aid brands in the marketplace. This analysis identified ways to help Oticon stand out from the competition prioritizing a website update to include lead generating landing pages for paid media and sweepstakes campaigns.

Targeted media campaigns were launched on social reaching people with hearing loss, caregivers, and Veterans in geographies that over-indexed in product sales. To complete lead generation activity, DX used both branded and unbranded Google SEM to capture hand raisers.

Once leads were captured, DX built a qualified database and a customized email nurturing program, educating new qualified leads while making the purchasing decision easier. Through strategic segmentation, DX built an extensive automated email customer journey where leads were targeted with relevant, personalized messaging based on digital behaviors through each phase of the journey.


  • Analítica
  • estrategia digital
  • compra y planificación de medios
  • creación e implementación de contenidos. Texto
  • diseño y desarrollo
  • correo electrónico
  • gestión de relaciones con clientes (CRM) y optimización de audiencia
  • creación y alojamiento de página de destino


Significantly grew addressable database and sales.  Additionally, we increased visitors to the site and the email open rate well above benchmark rates.